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30,000 preventable traumatic deaths

The American College of Surgeons estimates that 30,000 traumatic deaths could be prevented each year if medical care was provided by someone at the scene.

Severe bleeding can become fatal in less than 5 minutes

The Department of Homeland Security has initiated a Stop the Bleed campaign to encourage organizations to promote bleeding control training & preparedness.

CPR training fades after three months

In a survey of CPR studies, investigators found that 67% of the participants failed the practical skills exam 90 days after taking an Instructor-led CPR/AED class, and that 90% failed the practical skills exam 12-months after the class.

The 9 Minute Gap | Why Preparedness is Critical to Saving Lives

Trauma is the leading cause of death between the ages of 1-46 in the United States, and an estimated 30,000 traumatic deaths could be prevented each year if medical care was started sooner. Severe bleeding can become fatal in less than 5 minutes, and airway issues can cause brain death in as little as 6 minutes. Since the average ambulance response time is around 9-15 minutes, a bystander is frequently a victim's best hope for survival. By equipping your campuses with the knowledge and equipment within the Mobilize Rescue System, you can empower your students, staff, and faculty to save lives while EMS is en route.

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From sparsely populated rural jurisdictions to heavily populated cities, officers play a crucial role in the trauma chain of survival. 

The Mobilize Rescue System will efficiently and effectively empower your officers to assess, manage, and monitor critical medical emergencies such as severe bleeding and airway issues. With access to the knowledge within the app, and the quality supplies in the unit, your officers will be empowered to keep themselves and the people they serve safe while they wait for EMS to arrive.

Law Enforcement USE CASE

Dover Police Department
Dover, Vermont

What We Did | A Preparedness Story

We Implemented

8 Compact Units

We Installed Apps

Onto Every Police Officer and Facility Personal

To Equip and Empower

Every Officer to Respond to Medical Emergencies

“Knowing about this would bother me deeply if I had an officer injured and there was something that I knew about that may have helped them and didn't do anything,”

said Chief Randall K. Johnson of the Vermont PD


The perfect complement to your AED
COMPREHENSIVE rescue system
Perfect for empowering entire communities
PUBLIC ACCESS rescue station
Perfect for Emergency Response Staff
MOBILE rescue system


  • Columbia County
  • Gates Chili Schools
  • Palantir
  • Sharpshooters
  • Clemson University
  • Colorado School of Mines
  • Wegmans
  • Regis Jesuit

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