A 2-hour class, a lifetime of life-saving knowledge.

Accidental injuries, emergencies, and acts of violence happen every day. A shooting at a baseball park, a car accident on a highway, or an allergic reaction at a private residence – all of these scenarios could result in fatalities if someone at the scene doesn’t know how to help.

Why Host a MobilizeNOW Event? | Empower Your Community to Respond to the Unthinkable

By sponsoring the MobilizeNOW program, you will empower civilians in your community to safely and effectively respond to unexpected emergencies


The Program Trauma Care, First Aid, & Situational Awareness

Participants will receive a complimentary Compact Mobilize Rescue System, a code to download the diagnostic Mobilize app, and will be trained to use the system to respond effectively to a variety of emergency scenarios.

The diagnostic Mobilize Rescue app will help a bystander assess, manage, and monitor medical emergencies until EMS arrives.

Participants will walk away from the MobilizeNOW program completely prepared to manage critical life threats:


Severe Bleeding






Rescue Breathing Children & Infants


AED Application


Trouble Breathing




Opiate Overdoses





Additionally, participants will learn how to answer critical 'situational awareness' questions.

Is this REALLY a life threatening emergency?

Is it safe to help or should I run?  

Where should I provide care?  

Should I move the victim?

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