COMPREHENSIVE rescue system

The perfect complement to your AED | Be ready for the unexpected.

2.9 million private industry injuries and illnesses

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2.9 million private industry injuries and illnesses in the private sector, of which nearly 2.8 million (95.2 percent) were injuries. In the public sector, there were 752,600 injury and illness cases.

CPR training fades after three months

In a survey of CPR studies, investigators found that 67% of the participants failed the practical skills exam 90 days after taking an Instructor-led CPR/AED class, and that 90% failed the practical skills exam 12-months after the class.

30,000 preventable traumatic deaths

The American College of Surgeons estimates that 30,000 traumatic deaths could be prevented each year if medical care was provided by someone at the scene.


Modern supplies to manage severe bleeding, cardiac arrest, seizures, choking, and more.

Case Features

Water-resistant, durable case protects the life-saving supplies until they are needed.

Alarmed Wall Cabinet available



Diagnostic app provides ‘just-in-time’ training to help untrained bystanders save lives

Equipment & App Integration

Color-coded and numbered supplies match the app’s instructions exactly.

Above & Beyond Compliance | Preparing to Save Lives With New Technology

What emergencies should you be prepared to manage?

Sudden cardiac arrest represents 0.5% of the major emergencies that occur each year, which is why approximately 5 - 10 million AEDs have been installed worldwide. But what about the other 99.5% of medical emergencies? With an estimated 30,000 preventable traumatic deaths taking place each year, organizations need to be ready to manage traumatic injuries & more. 

With the Mobilize Rescue System, organizations can efficiently and effectively prepare to manage severe bleeding, chest trauma, seizures, cardiac arrest, opiate overdoses, hypothermia, & more.

Preparing for the unexpected is simple with the Mobilize Rescue System.

The ‘just-in-time’ training of the Mobilize Rescue app is helping organizations overcome the greatest obstacle to effective emergency response preparation - training & training retention. For CPR training alone, studies have shown that 67% (two-thirds) of participants fail the hands-on skills exam 90-days post-training, and 92% will fail 1-year after training. 

The Mobilize Rescue app ensures that even if training is forgotten, high quality medical care can still be provided by following the diagnostic prompts in the app.

Severe Bleeding



Rescue Breathing Children & Infants

AED Application

Trouble Breathing

Opiate Overdoses




Impaled Objects





Trapped Limbs


Fractures & Sprains   

Diabetic Problems

Chest Pain

Allergic Reactions


Trauma Supplies                                       

4 | SOFTT Wide® Tourniquet

2 | QuikClot® Bleeding Control Dressing

2 | 6" NAR® Emergency Trauma Dressing

2 | Hyfin® Chest Seal

2 | Water-Jel® Universal Burn Dressing

2 | Triangular Bandage

2 | 4.5” Sterile Conforming Stretch Gauze

4 | 5" x 9" Sterile Combine ABD Pads

2 | 10“ x 30" Sterile Multi-Trauma Dressing

1 | 36" SAM® Emergency Splint

2 | 4" Elastic Wrap Bandage

1 | 4" x 5" Cold Compress

1 | Adhesive Tape 2.5 yd

Medical Supplies                                      

1 | CPR Face Shield with Bite Block

1 | 81mg Chewable Aspirin (Bottle)

1 | 12mg Dissolvable Allergy Tablets (Box)

1 | 15mg Insta-Glucose®

2 | Emergency Space Mylar Blanket


1 | Portable Charger and Charging Cord

1 | USB Charging Cube

1 | Inspection Card

12 | Proof Seals

2 | Bag with Biohazard Markings

1 | Trauma Shears

10 | Nitrile Gloves

1 | User Manual and Inventory Card

OSHA Compliant First Aid Supplies . 

2 | Eye Pads

16 | Adhesive Bandages (Assorted Sizes)

10 | Burn Cream Packets

10 | Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packets

10 | Antiseptic Wipes

1 | Tweezers

10 | Hand Sanitizer

1 | Eye Wash

1 | First Aid Guide 

See how your organization can prepare to manage unexpected medical emergencies, according to the standards set by proactive organizations across the country.

DIMENSIONS | L17.2” x W 13.7 x D 6.5” WEIGHT | 15 lbs ± 1lbs

STORAGE RECOMMENDATIONS & DIAGNOSTIC CHECK | Individual supplies within the unit may be negatively impacted by exposure to hot and cold temperatures. Individual supplies have expiration dates that vary from 1-5 years from date of purchase; it is crucial that you perform diagnostic checks to ensure that the unit is charged to 100%, the proof seal is intact (not tampered with), and that the medical supplies are not damaged or contaminated.

Used or Expired Products:

Mobilize will send out monthly email reminders for you to verify that your medical supplies are up to date and the technology is properly maintained (so that you can replace products that have expired and ensure you have properly charged your unit). We will also send an email to alert you when new app features become available, or medical protocol updates have been made to reflect the most current medical best practices.

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"Anything we can do to be better prepared, in the event of an emergency, to protect the lives of our students and staff we should do."

- George English, Director of Facilities and Transportation at Gates Chili CSD
"The implementation of the Mobilize Rescue System throughout our mine will help ensure that proper medical care is administered quickly and effectively." 

- Joe Bucci, Jr., Environment Manager at American Rock Salt
"It's almost like having a first aid coach right along beside you, walking you through the process."

- Dennis Hodges, Columbia County Parks and Recreation Manager
Municipality Case Study